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Can you please tell me about your pricing?

You can find pricing on my “Photo Sessions” page.


How do I reserve a session?

Please call or text 646-883-9215 during normal business hours or send an email to You can also fill out a contact form and have us call you. 

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounted Maternity session ($150 off session fee) when you book and pre-pay session fee for a Newborn Session.


Do you provide clothing for maternity?

We have several Maternity gowns that you are welcome to borrow. 


Do you have clothing for newborns and props?

Yes, we have some props, wraps and outfits that we can use for your Newborn session. We will work with your colors/ theme preference. For special requests, please let us know ahead of time.


How long are your sessions?

Maternity – approximately one hour or less

Newborn – approximately 2-3 hours

Family – approximately one hour


My baby has acne, flaky skin - do you retouch?

Yes basic skin retouching is included. I will talk to you whether you want baby’s acne or flaky skin to be touched up or preserved.


When do I get to see my photos?

Online preview gallery will be ready in about two weeks or earlier (in most cases). I will provide a link to view it and after you select the pictures you would like to purchase, I will do all the final editing and touch ups.


How many pictures do I get?

During each photo session I will take up to 200 photos, which I will cull down to the best 20 or more for your gallery.

5 high resolution digital images are included with the photo session fee. Additional images are available for purchasing on a sliding scale, depending on the amount spent on photo products.


Can I get Raw or original (unedited) images?

No, we do not provide Raw or unedited images to our clients. All images purchased will be in JPG format and will be edited.


When would be my printed order ready?

Most orders take around 2 weeks


Can I order more pictures later?

Yes, you can. However, once images are archived (after about 2 months), a fee of $100 will apply to re-activate an archived gallery.


How can I pre book a Newborn session – I don’t know when my baby arrives and how we will feel right after?

Please, email or call within 24-48 hours of having your baby. We will schedule the session within first 10 days, if possible. However, beautiful results can be achieved even if the baby missed the tight window of sleepy/snuggly stage. So, don’t worry.


I missed the newborn window and my baby is now 2 months old, do you take babies at this age?

Yes! Of course, we will photograph your baby. The baby might not stay well wrapped and sleep through the session like most newborns do, but we can work around it and still capture beautiful images of the stage he or she is in at that age.

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